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Rejoicing that they can fulfill the design of the Creator and be associated with the work of the Redeemer, the nuns readily give themselves to work with all their powers of mind and heart as well as their gifts of nature and grace. (LCM 104)

We engage in two types of work here at the Monastery: work which helps support our life and work around the house.

Infant Jesus Guild

The Infant Jesus Guild answers letters from all over the world and sends out prayer cards and prayer enrollments when requested by people in need. We have prayer cards for general intentions, special occasions, birthdays, healing, memorials and our new friendship enrollment as well. We offer the older designs (pictured above, on the table) and some new designs, designed and based on original watercolors by the sisters at the Monastery (pictured below). The new cards are 4.25" by 6.25". Let us know which style you would like! There are two ways to send an enrollment card. You can request blank cards from the Monastery and send the cards yourself, or you can ask the Sisters to send your card. If you choose to have us send the card, we will fill in the name of the person you would like to enroll, your name, and the date (as pictured below). Any questions? Please call or send us a message on the contact form.

We also have two sizes of Perpetual Enrollments, which give the recipient a share in the prayers and good works of the nuns at the Monastery forever! This is a beautiful 3-panel white folder with several choices of religious themes (Our Lady of the Rosary, the Good Shepherd, the Sacred Heart, etc.).  If you are interested in sending a card or enrollment, please contact us at (936) 634-4233 or send us a message on the contact form. We do ask a donation to the Monastery for each card or Perpetual Enrollment.








General Prayer


Special Occasion



 Inside of card:


Altar Bread Department

The Altar Bread Department supplies quality Cavanaugh hosts to parishes in Texas, Louisiana, Kansas and throughout the United States. We would be delighted to serve your parish by supplying your hosts, too! Please call the Altar Bread Department directly at (936) 634-5749  or use the contact form above.

Household Work

Making habits


Preparing dinner


Greeting visitors


Checking clean habits


Paying bills


Caring for the infirm


Pressing habits

  Making tortillas for a feast day