Friends of the Monastery

Several months ago, some of our benefactors and friends formed a group called the Friends of the Monastery to promote financial support for the nuns here at the Monastery. Through their financial support, they are able to share in our prayers and good works. On behalf of the Friends, we invite you to join them!

This group has no officers and no meetings. The Friends do not collect money. All donations, contributions, etc. go directly to the Monastery of the Infant Jesus.

The Friends of the Monastery are building an email database of people who are interested in helping the nuns. If you would like to be included in the database, please send an email to Elaine Jackson at For further information, you can email Elaine or call her at (936) 632-5914. Thank you so much for supporting the Monastery of the Infant Jesus and for being our Friends! You are always in our prayers!